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Protecting Your Home Against Mice

As winter approached it is important to remember that your home will begin to look and smell like a classy hotel. This will undoubtedly attract mice and rats to your location if you are not careful. Therefore, you must make sure that your home is sealed off from unwanted guests. Steps to Ensure Prevention Make


Getting Rid of Lady Bugs

Lady bugs are harmless creatures; however, with winter approaching fast, they can often seek heated indoor environments to burrow in. Therefore, it is important to know some methods of prevention and extermination should they choose your home as their new habitat! Preventing Lady Bugs There are plenty of things that can attract lady bugs to


Protection Against Flies

While flies do have a beneficial impact on the environment, this does not excuse them from being one of the most annoying pests to have in the household. However, not to worry, effective methods of removal and prevention exist. What Attracts Flies Before moving on to prevention and removal tactics, it is important to understand