Are Wasps Affecting Your Business?

The last thing you want to take up residence near your business would is wasps. These annoying pests disrupt potential business, but they can also make it difficult for your employees to get into the office! Taking preventative measures to ensure your business does not become a wasp hotspot is a necessity.

The following describes what businesses with the most significant threat of wasp infestation should prevent attracting wasps to their location. This does not mean that only these businesses suffer from this threat. If your type of business is not listed and you are suffering from wasps issues, please do not hesitate to call us!

Locations Wasps Can Lurk

First and foremost, one must properly identify what kind of wasp they are dealing with. Misidentifying your pest can spell disaster for any containment techniques you may be considering or using. It is essential that you know what you are up against before attacking. has a great catalog of bees and wasps (with pictures) and will help you identify what is causing your business distress. 


Camps are the most common yet most challenging place to take care of a wasp issue. If your business operates a campground, chances are you are welcoming of nature, however, the campers, whether they be kids or adults, may not be as welcoming of such ideas. Some visitors may even be allergic to wasps stings. Therefore, to preserve your residents’ safety, taking preventative measures to ensure that wasps remain a safe distance away from the camp is essential!

While you cannot stop wasps from forming a nest on their home turf, you can make the campground less appealing to them.

–         Remember to always clean and properly dispose of foods and drinks.

–         Ensure that areas that host the most people are maintained and landscaped regularly.


One of the most common places to attract wasps is restaurants, especially ones with outdoor seating. Due to the abundance of food and sugary drinks located at a restaurant, wasps will readily attempt to invade such an area, making it difficult for your servers and customers!

To make your restaurant less appealing to these winged beasts take these steps:

–         Make sure that trash cans are always covered and are as far away from outdoor seating as possible.

–         Furthermore, make sure trashcans located outside are regularly emptied and cleaned.

–         Make sure tables are regularly cleaned and maintained outdoors

–         Consider using traps to lead wasps away.

Apartment Complexes

If you own an apartment complex, wasps can spell disaster. They can cause potential clients to turn away from an otherwise closed deal.

To make sure that wasps are not an issue, consider the following:

–         Regular maintenance of the building is a must. Any cracks or holes within the side of the building are common nesting points for wasps and other pests.

–         Regular landscaping is essential to avoid nests from forming within the ground.

–         Ensure any trashcans located outside are maintained and cleaned daily

Following these steps can help to ensure your business does not develop any unwelcomed guests. However, if you encounter a wasp nest, your best option is to call the professional at Accurate Termite & Pest Control. We know how to humanely and adequately eliminate the threat without causing harm to any nearby. Furthermore, if your type of business did not appear above, do not hesitate to call us! We understand that wasps can affect any business, and are ready to assist you in their removal. If you want to figure out more about Accurate Pest Control, visit our About Us page!

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