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Residential Pest Control

Accurate Pest Control, has been an industry leader in residential pest control in Baltimore and DC Metro for more than half a century. That’s because over the years, our bug exterminators consistently incorporated the most advanced technology available in our treatment programs.

Commercial Pest Control

Accurate Pest Control has offered commercial pest control in the Baltimore and DC through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for over 20 years in sensitive commercial accounts, such as restaurants, institutions, schools, hospitals, day care centers and more.

Termite Control

The subterranean termite is the most common and destructive termites in the US except for Alaska. Subterranean termites in Baltimore and DC Metro primarily make nests and colonies underneath the soil in wood. They search for decaying wood and trees and tunnel through the ground to find it.

Commercial & Residential Services

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        • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
        • We Kill Bugs, Roaches, Rodents, Flear, Bees/Wasps, Ants, Etc.
        • Animal Trapping & Removal (Bats, Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Groundhogs, Etc.)
        • Termite Inspections/Treatments, Pre-Construction Treatments
        • Wood Damage Repairs
        • Real Estate Certifications

Our Certifications

We hold certifications in food service sanitation management and are a Allied Member of the Restaurant Association of Maryland

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say!

When I first saw the mouse in my home, I did not know what to do! I have a cat, but lazy may be to kind to describe him. When I learned of Accurate, I quickly went online to find out more information and contact them. They responded quickly and were out to my house the next day to inspect my issue! They made quick work of my pest! Thanks again!

– Erin Holland

Accurate helped save my home! With my age acting against me, it was impossible for me to battle the ants which were infesting my home with ease. When Accuate entered the picture, my pest troubles were as good as gone!

– Julie Torres

Before Accurate, my children could not play outside due to a wasp nest. I was unsure of how to take care of the nest, so when I heard of Accurate, I called right away. They took care of the issue without problems and allowed my children to enjoy their summer again!

– William Harfield