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Baltimore Spider Exterminator

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Spiders in Baltimore help reduce the population of other insects that may be harmful to you and are generally speaking good to have around. This can easily change when their behavior starts to effect human beings in a negative way. Spiders in DC Metro and Baltimore can be poisonous and bites can be deadly so it is wise to get your home or business treated for them by a professional pest control company.

Brown Recluse and Black Widow

The brown recluse and black widow are the two most deadly spiders to humans and pose a serious threat. It is vital that someone bitten by these spiders to seek medical treatment immediately since at least a few people die each year from it and in many cases hospitalization is necessary.

A black widow is black with a red hourglass on their abdomen and the female is much larger then the males are. A black widow typically is seen and remains outside. The brown recluse is found indoors and stays out of light. You may not see it until you are at a spot in the dark where they are hiding.

Other Types of Spiders in Baltimore

The grass spider, hobo spider, saint Andrews cross spider, and wolf spider are a few of the many different types of spiders seen in the US. These spiders do not have the same amount of venom in their bite but medical treatment may still be necessary.

Our spider exterminators will effectively eradicate spiders. We make recommendations of treatment options and how to keep them away for good.

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