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Stink Bugs

Baltimore Stink Bug Control

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Stink bugs are creatures that have adapted to survive in the winter months which is called overwintering by scientists. A home or commercial site provides stink bugs with warmth and protection which are refereed to as overwintering sites. Our homes are perfect overwintering sites for stink bugs protecting them from the harsh elements and cold temperatures.

How do Stink Bugs Enter Your Home?

Stink bugs enter into a home as early as August and continue through the early fall which is much earlier then other overwintering bugs. They enter into our homes and businesses through vents, screens, crevices and cracks. Once stink bugs are inside they are not easy to get rid of and like to stay inside not leaving until the beginning of summer. This is different than a box elder or ladybug who enters a home in November and stay until March or April.

Stink bugs climb into your belongs and furniture and can quickly take over your home. They can show up anywhere and where there are many they leave a noxious trail staining curtains and walls with their excrement’s. Stink bugs have glands under their wings and abdomens so if you try and capture or kill them they discharge the odor. The smell spreads as the bugs begin to flap their wings and fly away. The smell is rancid and pungent similar to the smell of a skunk.

Where did Stink Bugs Come From?

Stink bugs are native to Asia and were first reported in 1996 when they were found in Baltimore. Most likely they came here through international travel and were transported through imports into our country. Stink bugs have no predators and thus have grown at an extremely rapid rate. It is believed that this years stink bug population will be bigger then ever before because of the seasons low rainfall and the early spring and summer have accelerated their reproduction.

Barrier Control is the best strategy from preventing stink bugs from entering into your home or business. Seal crevices and cracks with weather stripping or caulking to keep them out. Doors that are not sealed properly, rotting window sills, and holes in screens are usually the issue. Vents that are connected to the attic should be sealed off to keep stink bugs out. Dead stink bugs attract other bugs like carpenter beetles that feed off of the carcasses. You can vacuum them up but your vaccum cleaner will begin to smell if it is not emptied right away.

Professional Stink Bug Exterminating in Baltimore

You should contact a stink bug exterminator from Hersh that can treat the outside of a home so it prevents them from entering inside. An exterior preventive spray is useful when you first see them show up on siding or in the windows. Treating in the early fall is the best time for dealing with overwintering bugs. Creating a residual barrier by spraying is very effective and will reduce stink bug sightings inside of your home.

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