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 Stopping Roaches from Invading Your Business

Stopping Roaches from Invading Your Business

Stopping Roaches from Invading Your Business


The worst infestation for a business to encounter is roaches. Roaches, without a doubt, give off a sense of uncleanliness and unprofessionalism. Therefore, it is important to work to keep your business clean through active prevention. However, we understand that this can be difficult and is, at times, not your business’s fault. Roach infestations can begin at neighbor locations and ultimately spread to your business. The risk of infestations spreading to your location is if your business stores or serves food.

With their ability to move quickly, and the ability to climb most surfaces, makes them extremely difficult to track down and eliminate. Pair that with their ability to fit through opening 1/5 inch thin, means that almost any business without preventative measures already in place is at risk.

However, if you find roaches in your place of business or around it, it is not too late to begin constructing your defenses. While they may have you retreating and caught you off guard, there are still tactics that you have in your arsenal to help eliminate the threat.

Going on the Offensive

When it comes to protecting a business against roaches, more passive approaches (baits and traps) are safer. Due to the health hazards that come with using more aggressive measures such as sprays or dusts can lead to the elimination of one issue but the creation of another.

Therefore, it is but to attempt other methods of removal before opting for the aggressive approach (which should be left to the professionals).

  • Clean: If you are own a restaurant, make sure, at the end of the night, cleanliness is a top priority. Clean spills, wipe down tables, and ensure that remaining food is disposed of properly.
    • Removing easy access to food will not only make the roaches want to leave, but it also means that they will opt for the baits or traps more often. 
  • Garbage Removal: Ensure that the trash is taken out as often as possible throughout the day and emptied at the end of the day.
  • Sealing Cracks:  As I already mentioned, roaches can fit through a hole 1/5 inch thick, making doors and cracks in windows or sides of the building child’s play for them.

Calling the Professionals

The quickest and easiest way to make sure your infestation is completely taken care of is to call the professionals. At Accurate Pest Control we understand, as a business, that safety and health, for your customers and staff, are among your top concerns. We use only naturally friendly pesticides that ensure the safety of your patrons and employees. Give us a call to see how we can help you take back your business from the pests!

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