About Us Accurate Termite & Pest Control

Accurate Termite & Pest Control has been in business in the Baltimore/Washington area since 1987.

We are family owned and operated by Bob, Tom, and Ken Collins, and treat your pest control issue as if they were our own. When you choose Accurate, you choose to be treated like family, and we won’t leave until your problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

With our total of 32 year of experience, we want you to have the utmost faith in our competence, professionalism, and safety regulations. The choices we make have you and your familie’s best interest at heart, whose safety is our top priority.

To back it up, Accurate Termite & Pest Control wants to ensure all its customers that we have the latest, most up-to-date, certifications regarding pest control and safety. We not only promise your issue will be resolved, we guarantee we will do so professionally and safely!

At Accurate Termite & Pest Control you can rest easy knowing your pest problems will be resolved without any additional stress to yourself. However, we understand that you may still have questions, so please contact us! We would love to hear how we can help you further! Or make your way over to our Bug Dictionary or our tips and resources page where you can learn bug prevention and extermination techniques!

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep people healthy & safe

Pests can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets. Termite and pest control services help to eliminate these pests, thereby reducing the risk of illness or disease.

We are best in the field

Knowing that your home is protected from pests can give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your family and pets are safe from the harmful effects of pests, and that your property is protected from damage.


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