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 Preventing Squirrels From Damaging Your Home

Preventing Squirrels From Damaging Your Home

Preventing Squirrels From Damaging Your Home


Tree squirrels can throw your home into disarray. They are one of the most common pests that invade houses, causing stress and damage. They have a nasty habit of gnawing and chewing on cables, wood, as well as making a ton of noise can make a squirrel infestation quite troublesome if not remedied soon. However, if you follow these helpful tips, your home will remain squirrel-free, and your mind, stress-free!

Common Issues Squirrels Cause

While some of us may find squirrels cute, it is important to understand that they are wildlife. They are known to use home insulation as a means of nesting material, often resulting in broken support beams and cracked, splintered wood in your attic.

Squirrels are known to cause:

  • Fire hazards
    • Due to broken or exposed wires
  • Flooding
    • Due to damaged pipes
  • Structural damage


Preventing squirrels from your house is simple, but requires certain precautions to be taken.

  • Seal of points of entry
    • Tried and true, making sure your house is sealed off from the outside world will, without a doubt, make sure that pests are unable to enter.
  • Trim tree branches
    • Any branches that overhang your home’s roofline need to be cut short, preventing squirrels from jumping over
  • Remove firewood stacks from the side of your home
    • Firewood stacks provide an excellent hiding spot for many types of pests, squirrels including.

Taking preventative steps will go a long way as to making sure squirrels never enter your home!


When it comes to removing a squirrel, the only effective way of doing so is through trapping.  Therefore, it is important that you learn proper techniques and removal methods to ensure your safety when handling a live squirrel. Even if it is inside a trap, there are still dangers present.

  • When using live traps make sure to always:
    • Make sure the trap is placed at known locations of the squirrel and along with entry points.
    • Always wear protection
      • When handling a trap with a live squirrel inside, make sure you always wear hand protection to protect against bites and infection
    • After trapping, making sure to release the squirrel several miles away from your home, in order to prevent reinfestation.

If further assistance is needed, do not hesitate to call Accurate Pest Control! We are experts in pest removal and control and will make sure your pest control needs are taken care of, without any harm to your family and home.

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