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Bee Control in Baltimore

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Accurate Pest Control is experienced with identifying bees, wasps, and yellow jackets, and knowing how to treat them so they do not come back. Stings are especially dangerous to human beings that are allergic to them and have a reaction although they are not terribly painful. Stinging insects such as bees and wasps will not bother humans unless they are near or have disturbed their nest. Wasps and hornets in Baltimore are known to have a temper. Certain stinging insects called Hymenoptera have venom in their stings which can result in death unless it is treated very quickly. Some can sting multiple times making their stings more dangerous. A bumblebee leaves there stinger behind in your skin where wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets do not

Yellowjacket Exterminators

Yellowjackets make their nests inside logs that are near to the ground or in the ground itself. They have black and yellow markings and are thin. They also can build nests inside of walls in your home or business. Many people accidentally disturb a nest when walking by because they are close to the ground and are not always seen.

Yellowjackets and wasps have body types that are very similar. They both have slender bodies. A wasp can have black, brown, or red bodies that have yellow markings. The nests they make usually hang down from piles of wood or trees.

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