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Ant Control

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Ant infestation is one of the most commonly reported problems when it comes to ants in Baltimore. They eat vegetables, meats, peanut butter, cheese, sugar, dead insects, and grease. Ants can find numerous ways into your business or home and can be a major problem because they mature quickly in a matter of days in some cases. They come in through cracks in your foundation, doors, windows, and other places.

You need to be able to identify the species of ant you are trying to exterminate in order to get rid of ants for good. Termites are often confused with flying ants which can lead to the wrong treatment when they are not properly identified. Ants have a very narrow thorax while termites’ bodies have a more uniform shape.

We Commonly Deal With Four Types of Ants

The four most common species of ants in the US are the red imported fire ant, pavements ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. Red fire ants give painful stings and construct large mounds for nests. Pavement ants are capable of infesting a building because they make their nests along cracks and grooves in the pavement. Pharaoh ants are commonly found in apartment buildings, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes and are dangerous because they are capable of are transmitting infections. Carpenter ants tend to live in solid wood that was damaged or damp wood. This is also the type of wood they choose when they build their nest. They are different than termites because termites eat wood but carpenter ants dig tunnels and destroy wood.

Professional Ant Control in Baltimore

Our technicians are highly trained to quickly and thoroughly get rid of any type of ant you may have in your home. If you think you might have an ant problem, you should let us come out for an inspection today.

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