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Preventing Ants at Home

When it comes to our homes, that last thing any of us want is uninvited guests, especially when the uninvited guests are 1 inch tall and have 6 legs. Ants, while not much of a threat when kept outside, once inside, can become a severe health hazard, contaminating food with diseases such as E. Coli


Racoon Prevention During Spring

With Spring around the corner, expect to see more racoons out. These trash pandas may look cute, but they can be quite aggressive and destructive. Furthermore, they can carry numerous diseases and viruses that can lead to infection. However, fear not, if you are having a raccoon problem, there are ways of taken care of


Protection Against Flies

While flies do have a beneficial impact on the environment, this does not excuse them from being one of the most annoying pests to have in the household. However, not to worry, effective methods of removal and prevention exist. What Attracts Flies Before moving on to prevention and removal tactics, it is important to understand