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Termite Control in Baltimore

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The subterranean termite is the most common and destructive termites in the US except for Alaska. Subterranean termites in Baltimore and DC Metro primarily make nests and colonies underneath the soil in wood. They search for decaying wood and trees and tunnel through the ground to find it. If the food source is not near, your home may become the food source for the termites. Termites in Baltimore can get into your home through any point that touches the soil. Keep firewood away from your home a few feet away and keep the ground free of debris. You should get your home inspected by a pest control company in Baltimore or DC Metro regularly. Inspections can save thousands of dollars of future money from repair bills from treatment costs.

Signs of Termites in your Baltimore Home

Termites may have mature colonies that number in the millions each one having a defined role. They are divided into classes and follow a strict social stratum. There are soldiers, workers, and reproductive termites. A queen and a king typically reside in a colony that is mature. Winged swarmer’s come out during the early spring and summer months and is often confused with flying ants. Swarming is important because this is when usually human beings locate them and realize they are a problem. This is the beginning of the termite reproductive cycle.

Termites have antennas that are straight while a flying ant antenna has a bend to it. Termites do not have a defined waist while ants have a more defined narrow waist. Termite wings are twice as long as their bodies while flying ants have wings that are roughly the size of their body.

Why You Should Call The Professional at Accurate Pest Control

If you see wings on your window sills and floors or mud tubes that termites create to travel this is an indication you may have a termite infestation. Mud tubes are often found in support beams, trim, doors, posts, basement corners, and walls. Termites can cause extensive structural damage although it may look sound from the outside.

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