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Subterranean Termites

Baltimore Subterranean Termite Control

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Subterranean termites have a crypto-biotic lifestyle. This means that they are always hidden from view. Termites cause significant damage to wooden structures because they thrive where there is wood and decaying plants. Wood forms a crucial part of most homes in areas like ceilings, doors, windows, support beams and floors among others. Termite infestation weakens these areas making them develop cracks, breaks or total collapse.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are foraging tubes that normally extend from the ground to the food source. These tubes provide protection and shelter to the termites. The tubes usually have a flat structure and are made from mud and debris. They are about as wide as a pencil. They can extend beyond the concrete foundation or remain hidden underneath the concrete along cracks, flooring or baseboards.


One of the first signs of a subterranean termite infestation is the presence of winged termites emerging through cracks next to a structure. These termites come out of their underground colony because they are attracted to light. Indoor swarmers are often found around lighting fixtures, doors, windows or vents.

Wood Damage

Dark areas in wood material could be a sign of an infestation. However, wood damage can be difficult to notice because subterranean termites eat the inside of the wood leaving the cover intact. The damaged wood areas can be detected by lightly hitting the wood with a screwdriver. The eaten part sounds hollow or may break when hit.

Why Hire Professional Termite Control Services


Pest control specialists know the kind of termite treatment to use and where it should be administered. Many companies are now using green products that are safe for the environment. However, whenever they have to use hazardous products, pest control specialists have the expertise to ensure family safety.

Specialized Plans

Our technicians will provide specialized plans such as pre-treatments for new structures, perimeter treatments and emergency services to get rid of a previously unnoticed infestation. We also monitor the home to come up with the right termite treatment and prevention options.

Long Term Costs

Termite control services eliminate the need to undertake costly repairs because of an unnoticed termite invasion. Most homeowners do not know the signs of termite invasion or how to inspect the house for termites. Termite control professionals know what to look for and in which areas of the house.

Subterranean termites are a big problem throughout the Baltimore areas. To avoid damage to structures and costly repairs, call a professional termite control company for termite monitoring and treatment.

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