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 Protection Against Flies

Protection Against Flies

Protection Against Flies


While flies do have a beneficial impact on the environment, this does not excuse them from being one of the most annoying pests to have in the household. However, not to worry, effective methods of removal and prevention exist.

What Attracts Flies

Before moving on to prevention and removal tactics, it is important to understand what can attract flies to one’s home.

  • Uncovered Garbage Cans
  • Decaying Animals
  • Spilled Soft Drinks (soda, juice) and Opened Containers
  • Rotting Fruit

In order to successfully prevent or remove flies from your household, it is important that one understands what can attract them in the first place.

Preventing Flies 

If you frequent Accurate Pest Control’s website, you should be familiar with all of these prevention tactics!

  • Repair Torn Screens and Cracks Surrounding Windows
  • Properly Store and Clean Dishes and Food:
    • Store food in the refrigerator: not only will this aid in keeping flies disinterested in your home, but you will always improve the lifespan of your favorite foods!
    • Store cereal and other sugary foods in air-tight containers: this will lock out the smell and prevent pest from contaminating the food
    • Clean Dishes: Do not leave soft drinks to sit in the sink. Do not leave food on the plates or other utensils. Properly cleaning one’s dishes will not only prevent flies, but it will also help in preventing other infestations.
  • Maintain Quality of Garbage Cans:
    • Ensure that all trash can lids are fastened securely to their respective trash cans.
    • Ensure trash cans are in good condition, free of damages and holes.
  • Clean Area Around the House:
    • Ensure that all pet droppings are picked up.
    • Make sure the area around the house is free of clutter.

Following these prevention methods will greatly assist you in keeping your home free of flies!

Going on The Offensive

If flies have already taken up base inside your home, it is important that you have ammunition to face them!

  • Light Traps
    • Light traps are effective ways of luring and terminating flies that come near or into your home.
  • Fly Tape
    • Useful ways of trapping flies, however, take care not to hang them in areas where food is prepared.
  • Insecticides
    • If you feel confident using pesticides, consider pyrethrin! This insecticide can help deter flies from entering your home in the first place. However, take care not to spray this around food. While not considered dangerous to humans and pets, if consumed in large amounts, sickness can occur.
    • This insecticide can also be used as an offensive tactic. If sprayed directly onto flies, it can kill them quickly and effortlessly.
  • Natural Repellants and Killers
    • Essential oils such as thyme, clove, geranium, basil, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint, are all effective ways of killing and preventing flies from entering the home.

Going Professional

If any of these methods scare you, or you have any further questions, please give us a call! We are more than happy to help you deal with your fly infestation and will take care of the problem safely, without putting you, your family, or pets in harm’s way! If you want to figure out more about Accurate Pest Control, visit our About Us page!

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