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 Protecting Your Home from Roaches

Protecting Your Home from Roaches

Protecting Your Home from Roaches

With winter upon, cockroaches will begin to seek shelter inside your home, and the rainy weather has only accelerated the process. Needing only 1/16 of an inch to squeeze into a space, roaches pose a serious threat to a home that has not been properly treated. It is important to understand how to combat these germ-ridden insects to keep your home and family safe.

As terrifying as it can be to see one of these insects in your bathroom or kitchen, it is important to know that they are not dangerous. However, while they do not pose any direct threat, they are a health hazard. Roaches have been known to cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and can worsen the effect of allergies. It is important to wash ones’ hands if handling one of these dirty creatures. 

Knowing Your Enemy: Roaches

There are numerous kinds of roaches, however, some of the more common ones are the Palmetto bug and German cockroaches. Palmetto bugs will invade a home in search of food and moisture; however, they primarily live outdoors. It is important to note that while they may look clumsy while doing it, adults can fly across a room. German cockroaches, while not possessing the ability to fly, while invading a home for its warmth and lay eggs. These roaches pose an immense threat, and unless treated quickly, can spiral out of control.

Signs of an Infestation

During the cold and rainy weather infestations only get worse. Cockroaches flourish in warm, damp environments, so it is important to scan ones’ kitchen and bathroom for any signs of roaches. Signs could be: knowing your neighbor has had a roach problem, droppings, egg casings, or a musky odor. If you notice any of these signs it is important to begin seeking a way to treat this issue.

Preventing Roaches from Entering

Waterproofing and sealing cracks is a good way to start, but this will not prevent the issue if one does not keep up regular maintenance. Remember to clean the dishes regularly, not leaving dirty dishes exposed for longer then a couple hours. Do not leave pet food exposed, instead keep the food in a secure container. If one already is infested do not invest in a roach motel. These kinds of traps are meant to monitor rather than eliminate the issue. Insecticides contain both bait and a toxin making them the ideal bait. baits are the easiest to use. They come in a large syringe, and some common products are Combat, Maxforce, and InVict. These are effective baits to use indoors in areas such as a bathroom or kitchen. However, be aware that some products can cause stains. There are also inorganic baits that are just as safe and effective, such as boric acid, which will poison the stomach of a roach, and silica aerogel, which will cut the exoskeleton. It is extremely important to remember that these are poisons. Be mindful of where you are spraying and placing your baits. Keep both children and pets in mind while doing so to avoid any serious, and potentially fatal accidents!

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Different Pest?

Not to worry! Accurate Pest Control has devoted time to construct a Bug Dictionary so that you can more easily identify the pest causing you stress!

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