Services We Offer in the Baltimore & DC Area

Our Termite Treatment

As a licensed company for Dow Agro-sciences, we us ethe patented technology “Sentricon” to eliminate termites and their colonies.

Our One-Time Treatment Option

Sometimes a client prefers to have us focus on a particular pest rather than have an ongoing program. We provide one-time treatment for that pest and in most cases include a re-treat guarantee.

Our Special Pest Treatment Option

This treatment is reserved for situations of pests where it is sometimes hard to eliminate the pest during the initial visit. Sequential visits are scheduled by the customer at a low cost until the problem is eliminated satisfactorily to the customer’s needs.

Our All-Season Program

The All Seasons program gives your home year-round protection from seasonal pest problems that may occur. This is our premium home service offered to you. With the All Seasons program, your home will receive three scheduled visits a year plus as many special calls as needed.

Termites, German Roaches, Fleas, Lady Beetles and Bedbugs are excluded from the All Seasons program due to special procedures that need to be applied to eliminate these problems but can be treated at an additional cost.

Look at our pest library and decide if you should contact our company for pest control services in Baltimore or DC Metro.