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 Murder Hornets and What You Need to Know

Murder Hornets and What You Need to Know

Murder Hornets and What You Need to Know


Asian giant hornets or murder hornets have been spotted in Washington state, leading to countrywide worry about their lethality and the threat they pose to honeybees. Scientists are worried that their arrival in the US could lead to honeybee extinction. Furthermore, scientists and doctors worry that due to the potent venom, these hornets hold in their stingers people could die.

While scientists fear what their arrival means, they are not as worried about the threat they pose to humans when compared to the danger they pose to our ecosystem in the US. European honeybees, much like US honeybees, have no known defense against these predators. Only Japanese honeybees, which have evolved in tandem with these hornets, have a way of protecting their hives. By surrounding the invader and beating their wings, Japanese honeybees are able to heat their air around them to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking and suffocating the hornets.

Containing the Asian Giant Hornets

If not halted from spreading within the next few years, it will most likely be impossible to stop them from spreading across the US. For now, the only sightings have been Washington state, so scientists have begun laying traps in attempts to capture queens and other workers. Once captured, scientists will attach trackers to these hornets so that they can be traced back to the hive, and the nest can be destroyed.

Staying Self

For now, sightings should be nonexistent outside Washington state. However, that does not mean you should not make it known if you believe you have seen an Asian Giant Hornet. These insects are hazardous, their venom causing kidney failure if one is continuously stun. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of your community, especially children, make sure you report any potential sightings.

Albeit extremely unlikely that these hornets will find their way East any time soon if containment procedures fail, Accurate Pest Control has your back. We are experts in pest control and will make sure you, your family, and your community remain safe. To learn more about our company, visit our About Us page!

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