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 Preventing Ants in the Workplace

Preventing Ants in the Workplace

Preventing Ants in the Workplace

When it comes to having ants in the workplace, nothing is quite as annoying. Not only does it represent a dirty office, but it can lead to broader issues as well, such as contaminated food, disease, and can even cause problems with the infrastructure of the office building. Therefore, it is crucial that one always maintains clean office spaces and takes preventative steps that make sure ants look the other when approaching your office.

Signs of Infestation

  • Visible Ants – The most obvious sign of an infestation is one you can see.
  • Colonies – If you find signs of disturbed dirt around your business, that is most likely where your ant problem stems from.
  • Debris – Finding small holes in the walls or small pieces of wood? Ants will remove debris from areas they are digging in, so if you are finding debris inside your place of business, there is a chance you could be dealing with ants.

The Damage Ants Can Cause

Having an ant infestation at your business is not only dangerous to your stock, but also your employees. Depending on what kind of ants have invaded your place of work, you could have some serious health concerns to worry about.

  • Damage to Equipment or Stock – As we said earlier, ants pose a serious threat to food supplies, but did you know they can also damage the structure and overall foundation of your business?
  • Risk to People – regardless of your type of business, ants are a serious health concern. Not only do ants spread numerous types of bacteria, but some individuals may be allergic to ant bites.


Food Storage

  • One of the most important preventative steps you can take is food storage. Ensure that all food is secure within a plastic container that will keep the pests out and keep the smell locked in. Furthermore, always make sure all food is put away when the office is closed. Food should never be left out, especially when there is no one around.

Clean Up

  • If your office has a kitchen, it is essential that after each person is done using plates or utensils, that they clean them. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is leaving an open invitation for ants, especially if they are left in the sink overnight. In addition to doing the dishes, it is also crucial that all crumbs are picked up and cleaned. While there is an argument for not eating at one’s desk, if one practices good clean up (eating with a tray, wiping down the surface after eating, etc.), there will never be an issue.


  • Make sure that after each workday, the garbage is disposed of outside, away from the office building. This is twice as important if there is food in the trash as well. Leaving food in the trash overnight is another way to invite ants into your office building.

As long as one follows these steps, preventing ants in the workplace is easy! However, if you find that you already have an ant infestation in the workplace, consider calling Accurate Pest Control for assistance. We will make sure the ants are gotten rid of professionally and timely without interrupting the workday. If you want to figure out more about Accurate Pest Control, visit our About Us page!

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