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 Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer Pest Control Tips

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With Summer fast approaching, pests are much more active. With pests threatening your home, it is important that you understand the dos and don’ts of pest control. Below we have listed what you should and should not do when performing your own pest control.

Pest Proofing the House

  1. Replace Weatherstrips and Window Mesh
    • When it comes to ensuring your house remains clean and pest-free, replacing weatherstripping and repairing busted window mesh is essential. Not only can weatherstripping help make sure the bugs stay out of your house, but it can also help make sure you save money on your energy bill as well.
  2. Remove Standing Water
    • Standing water is essentially an open invitation to all kinds of horrible pests. Ensure your home is free of any drainage issues (talk to a contractor if you suspect issues). Furthermore, eliminate or bring in any items that make result in standing water such as birdbaths, children’s toys, etc..
  3. Trim Landscaping
    • While this may seem surprising at first, ensuring that your yard is free of overgrown bushes and grass is extremely important to ensure your home is pest-free.
  4. Inspect Outside Furniture
    • While a nice patio set can be wonderful, it can also be a place for pests to hide. Spraying down your patio furniture with insect repellant can ensure your outdoor furniture does not turn into a home for pests.
  5. Hire the Professionals
    • Performing Do it Yourself pest control can be tough, especially if you are encountering a pest infestation in your home. Therefore, if you are worried that you may not be able to handle it on your own, consider calling Accurate Pest Control! We have certified agents that will ensure your pest problem is taken care of without risk to you or your family’s health. Call us today and discover why we are rated #1 in Baltimore! To learn more about our company, visit our About Us page!

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