Preventing Spiders from Turning Your Home into Theirs

When it comes to DIY pest control, spiders seem to be the pest most have trouble confronting. While we understand, there usually is nothing major to worry about. Spiders want nothing to do with us, and when they come into our house, they offer a free maid service! Still, it is understandable why you would want them out of there, especially if you have children. If you happen to have the wrong kind of spider in your home, (brown recluse or black widow) a bite could mean a trip to the emergency room. Therefore, it is important we go over a few ways to help prevent spiders from entering your home.

Building up your Defenses

  • Cleaning
    • If you are going to be making sure your house is spider-free it is important that you maintain a tidy house! Spiders are loners and prefer locations where they can set up a web and remain undisturbed for the most part. Cleaning your house, removing clutter and dust will ensure spiders cannot find a location to set up a base of operation. Furthermore, by cleaning your house, you are also turning other pests away from your home, taking away a spider’s main source of food, and therefore further preventing them from entering your home.
  • Sealing Off Entrances
    • If spiders continue to find their way into your home, even after continual removal, you may have a breach! Always make sure to inspect window/door screens as well as cracks along the house itself. Not only could spiders use these to enter, but other bugs could as well, which will in turn, lead to more spiders.
  • Pesticides
    • While we are not saying pesticides will not help your situation, they are not always the best approach. Spiders are not like other insects, in fact, they are not insects at all, they are arachnids! Due to their long legs, the body of the spider rarely will come in contact with any kind of spray, unless shot directly onto them. This means that the pesticide will only remain on their feet and will do little to deter them from continuing their journey throughout your home. However, using pesticide around your house can deter other pests from roaming to close, and therefore also help keep spiders at bay.

Black – Widow Spider

Black widows are well-known spiders recognized by the red, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens and their venom that is about 15 times stronger than that of a rattle snake.

Perhaps one of the better known spiders, the Black Widow can pack a serious punch. The female Black Widow is about ½ inch long, black in color with a bright red hourglass mark on the bottom of its abdomen.

Like most spiders, the Black Widow only wishes to be left alone. They only bite if they feel threatened, which usually occurs by accident, unbeknownst to the spider. If bitten, seek immediate medical attention, especially if the victim is a child. A Black Widow’s bite contains a nerve toxin, which if left untreated, can lead to convulsions and death in under 48 hours.

Brown Recluse Spider

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Sometime called the Violin spider due to its violin shaped marking on its body, due to its coloration, the Brown Recluse Spider frequently suffers identity theft, often being mistaken for other spiders. This spider is usually a cream color, with its abdomen being darker than the rest of its body.

Unlike other spiders, the Brown Recluse hunts at night and finds a place to hide during the day. Despite backing a painful bite, the spider itself will retreat more often than not if disturbed, only biting as a last resort. When bites do occur, the pain is not immediately noticeable, taking about 3 – 8 hours to begin, unlike the Black Widow. If you believe yourself or someone else has been bitten, the best course of action is to seek medical attention immediately. While the bite is often not fatal to adults, the pain can be severe.

Calling the Professionals

As always, Accurate Pest Control is your one stop shop for all your pest control needs. We can make sure your house is locked down against spiders this winter season and will do so using only natural pesticides. Our top priority is making sure your family is safe, and your home is pest free! Give us a call today!

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