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 How To Deal With Stink Bugs During the Winter Season

How To Deal With Stink Bugs During the Winter Season

How To Deal With Stink Bugs During the Winter Season


The Winter Season brings many of us a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. We think about spending time with family, and the upcoming holidays we will be able to share with them. However, this seasonal change is not just a time to watch the leaves change colors. One should also be preparing their home for the possible invasion of Stink Bugs. Known for their rotten smell, stink bugs will often seek shelter inside during the fall and winter seasons. While they are no threat to humans or the house itself, they are rather unappealing to the eyes, if I do say so myself, and can put off a nasty stench.  And once inside, they can become a somewhat tricky pest to deal with.

Ways to Prevent an Infestation

One should be pest proofing their household year-round, but winter time is the season to make sure fortifications are in the best of shape. Practice pest proofing year-round will ensure your house is safe from all intruders, not just stink bugs. Whether you are trying to get rid of a stink bug infestation, or want to keep any possible invasion at bay, here are some tips to consider employing in your home!

Seal off Entry Points

Spend time inspecting your house inside and outside. Look for any cracks in the foundation or siding of your home. Look around utility pipes, behind chimneys, and underneath wood porches. Should notice any cracks or openings, seal these off immediately. This will not only keep your protected from stink bugs but also roaches, ants and other nasty critters that want to seek shelter. Use a robust and high-quality sealant (silicone or silicone-latex caulk) to keep these pests out.

Replace and Repair

The “R & R” of pest control! Pay close attention to tears in screen doors or windows. Many pests not just stink bugs can use tiny openings to enter a home. Often overlooked, make sure to check for weather-stripper and loose mortar. Install door sweeps as well as an added precaution. These measures will not only improve the integrity of your home but will also make it a safer environment.

Lights Out

Consider turning the lights off during the evening. Stink bugs, as well as many other pests, are attracted to light sources. Outside lights will bring unwanted attention to your home, and if there are openings in your home, this light is an opening invitation. Ensure your house is fortified before decorating for the holidays!

Reduce Moisture

Search around your house and ensure there are no leaks. If there are, have it taken care of immediately. Not only will it save your money on the water bill, but it will also keep the pests away. Many pests are drawn in by moisture, therefore keeping the leaky pipes outside is another open invitation.

Remove Food Sources

If you are keeping an infestation at bay, or are in the middle of a battle, it is important to cut off easy access to food in your home. Store food in art tight containers, take out the trash early instead of late and place them in seal containers. Keep the kitchen clean by washing dirty dishes as soon as you are no longer using them. Wipe down the counters and sweep floors to ensure any crumbs or spills are taking care of. Cutting off the food supply is a great defensive and offensive step to take!

Practice Proper Landscaping

If you have tree and bushes, make sure they are well trimmed and eliminate overgrowth. This will remove a possible home be established close to yours! Also if you have firewood, ensure it is kept 20 feet away from your home, and at least 5 inches off the ground.

Air Flow

Use proper ventilation in areas such as a basement or attic. These areas are prone to become a home base for many pests. By using items such as a dehumidifier, you can eliminate any moisture lingering in the air, as well as keep these areas better ventilated. Also, make sure you keep attic vents and chimneys closed off to unwelcomed guests. Have screens installed over them to ensure proper airflow and protection!

Inspect Foreign Elements

Before bringing those groceries inside, or that package you just got that’s been laying on the ground all day, inspect them. Stink bugs will make themselves at home inside these packages and once inside, will spread like wildfire. Make sure you take extra caution when bringing in boxes that have been outside for long periods.

Proper Disposal

Should you encounter a stink bug in your home, do not attack it! Once provoked or killed, they will release an unpleasant odor that tastes and smells awful. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner. Once you have ridden yourself of the infestation, dispose of the vacuum immediately to prevent any infestation or bad smelling odors in your home!


Pests of any kind are a nuisance and are always unwelcomed in the house, but stink bugs bring an unpleasant sight and odor with them. This makes them all the more annoying to deal with. However, now that you are equipped with the knowledge and tactics for a reliable defensive, act! Make your house ready for the winter so that you and your family can enjoy the winter rodent free! Should you feel nervous about addressing this situation alone or have any questions on how to better prepare yourself, give us a call! We will take care of your pest issue professionally, where your safety and the removal of the pests are our number one concerns!

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