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 Virginia (Common) Opossum

Virginia (Common) Opossum

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Virginia (Common) Opossum



Virginia or Common Opossums, have a white, pointed face with grey fur covering the rest of their bodies. They are the only mammals in the United States with prehensile tails (the ability to use one’s tail as a fifth limb). Younger Opossums can often be seen hanging from their tails, although adults are unable to do this due to their body weight. These marsupials are extremely adaptable, able to survive and thrive in a large variety of climates and habitats, even areas heavily populated with humans.



Opossums have no attachment to previous dens. These creatures are quite comfortable with settling down wherever they can find suitable protection from other animals and the elements.



Mostly solitary and nocturnal, opossums usually keep to themselves. However, females can be often seen foraging with other females and with their young. Although the males are extremely territorial and only associate with female opossums during mating seasons. When encountering a predator, opossums will enter a near-catatonic state, admitting a strong ordo. This is simply an act of “playing dead” and is used as an escape method for the opossums.


Opossums are omnivores (eating both meat and plant life) and are not picky when it comes to eating. Attracted mostly to carrion (decaying meat), these marsupials are often seen raiding trash cans and dumpsters.

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