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There are numerous species of raccoons in North America. The North American Racoon, the one you are most likely to run into if living in the United States, has a very distinct bandit-like mask pattern around their faces. Their tails are stripped with five to seven dark rings circling them. Being primarily carnivores, but considered omnivores, raccoons have sharp claws and large canine teeth, so unless you are familiar with raccoons, please leave handling them to the professionals.


Immensely intelligent, these mammals are quite adaptable to any environment. Prior to humanity’s urbanization of the planet, racoons preferred woodland arears. However, nowadays, the cities provide everything these clever animals need to survive.


While primarily nocturnal, if they have children, it is not uncommon to see them wandering and foraging during the day. They are extremely social creatures, the females creating close knits and the males even keep loose social bonds with other racoons. However, they are quite aggressive to those not of their kit.


Considered to be some of the most opportunistic omnivores, racoons will just about eat anything they can get their paws on. Naturally, their diet consists mainly of crustaceans, insects, mollusks, and other invertebrates. However, with the cities mass production of food, they can often be found rummaging through dumpsters and trash cans.

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