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With thin, long bodies, three pairs of tremendously long legs, along with scales and veins that make up their wings, and finally a long, beak-like protrusion from their face, mosquitoes are easily distinguishable from other flies.



There really is not a specific environment that mosquitoes enjoy. They are extremely adaptable creatures and have been known to thrive in a number of different environments. However, it is important to know that female mosquitoes do like to lay their eggs around still-standing water. So do your best to remove any areas around your home with standing water.



Again, due to the number of different species, there is not a specific behavior to list. Some mosquitoes are known to feed during the late hours of the day while other throughout the day.


Blood is the essential factor for mosquito reproduction. Females feed on blood for its iron and protein, needed for their eggs. Males, however, primarily feed on the nectar from plants, making them pollinators but still very annoying!

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