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Formosan Termite

Formosan termites are similar to subterranean termites. Their colony is made up of workers, soldiers and winged reproductives. Workers – Workers are similar to other termite species because of their white coloration. Soldiers – Soldiers have egg-shaped heads and curved mandibles, and are known to be more aggressive than other termites. Reproductives – Winged termites


Fat-tailed Scorpion

The fat-tailed scorpion is considered to be the most dangerous scorpion around because of its venom that can kill its human victim within seven to eight hours. They are relatively large that has a size of about 4 inches in length. The male is longer than the females. They also have a large tail and


Discoid Cockroach or False Dea

The discoid cockroach or the false death’s head cockroach resembles the true death’s head cockroach although it is bigger than the true death’s head as they can grow up to 3 inch long. Although both female and male cockroaches have wings, this particular species cannot fly. They are not good climbers as well, and cannot