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 Fall Pest Control and Why it is Important

Fall Pest Control and Why it is Important

Fall Pest Control and Why it is Important


During the fall, many pests are looking for a warm shelter that they can call home. The warmth of your home makes it incredibly appealing for rodents and insects. This means that pest control should be a top priority for homeowners.

Damage to Property

Termites and ants are genuine homewreckers. Once they have built their colony within your home walls, they will chew through just about anything that is in their way, wrecking the foundation of your home. This type of damage to a home can cost upwards of thousands of dollars to repair. Ants, specifically, will not only cause structural damage to your home but will also scavenge food, contaminating anything they touch.

Rodents will also burrow into your home’s walls, causing not only structural damage but also electrical damage. Any damage the ants or termites are causing, double, since now you will have to deal with electrical failures throughout the entire house.

Health Concerns

As of now, we have mostly covered the structural damage your home can incur due to a pest infestation; however, health concerns are another serious factor. Rodents and cockroaches are the biggest perpetrators here, spreading diseases, viruses, and bacteria through feces, urine, and contact with food or utensils.

Spiders, ticks, and fleas are other common fall pests that will invade your home. Sometimes, spiders can be useful (as long as they are out of the way and not a threat to your health), but fleas and ticks pose a serious risk to both you and your pet.

Why Pest Control is Important

These are just a few fall pests that can invade your home. There are also silverfish, centipedes, stinkbugs, and ladybugs. Therefore, you must begin taking measures to ensure that your home remains pest-free. Consider reading our Fall Safety Tips post to familiarize yourself with do-it-yourself pest control. However, if you fear you may already have a pest problem and are unsure of how to deal with it yourself, give us a call today for a quote! We are happy and willing to help you make sure your home and family stay safe this winter. The fall season is a time for family and happiness, not uninvited guests. Accurate Pest Control will make sure your holidays are “invite-only”. If you want to figure out more about Accurate Pest Control, visit our About Us page!

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