Protecting Your Home Against Mice

As winter approached it is important to remember that your home will begin to look and smell like a classy hotel. This will undoubtedly attract mice and rats to your location if you are not careful. Therefore, you must make sure that your home is sealed off from unwanted guests.

Steps to Ensure Prevention

  • Make sure food is stored and sealed
    • Make sure all food is cleaned and stored properly; this includes pet food. Make sure the kitchen is clean and that all dirty plates are washed.
  • Fixed holes and cracks
    • Mice are able to squeeze into a dime-sized hole; therefore, it is important that any holes in your house are taken care of and sealed off. Make sure holes in the house are repaired, including holes in the screen doors and windows. Simple maintenance can go a long way in making sure your house remains pest-free.
  • Install Brush Strips on Your Doors
    • Adding brush strips to your doors can ensure that mice cannot crawl underneath. Not only will this small step prevent mice from entering your house, but it will also save you money this winter by keeping heat within the house.
  • Landscaping
    • Make sure trees are trimmed and any branches that are close to the house and cut down. Remove overgrown bushes to prevent mice from lurking and hiding.

Pest control can be difficult to keep up, so if a mice does find its way into your house, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will make sure your winter holidays are uninterrupted by rodents, without any unnecessary harm to you or your family! Our certified techniques have proven to be effective even the most infested of locations! Call us today and find out how we can make sure your holiday season has no uninvited guests! If you want to figure out more about Accurate Pest Control, visit our About Us page!